Various ways google hangouts can help in effective teaching and learning

Google hangouts in an incredible tool by google used in conferencing and it are a powerful way to engage with others. It also provides broadcasting services and many more options. There are various way by which hangout can be used in teaching and learning in our various institutions. First of all, hangouts can be used to record instructions for later playback. By recording a google hangout, you can provide your students with instructions or information that they can playback. Record yourself giving a lecture, working out a problem or physically demonstrating a concept and then post it to your class YouTube channel or embed it on your blog. If you are planning to be away, you can use this to prepare your lesson in advance for students to watch while you are away. Also, you can use google hangouts to bring in a guest teacher .you can bring any teacher to your students by hosting a guest teacher with google fact many prominent individuals host regular hangouts on air that you can join. You may never be able to bring President John Mahama to your students but google hangouts will your students to engage with the president virtually. Students and teachers are busier than ever with after school sports and activities, meeting a student after school is becoming less of a feasible option. One way to work around these restrictions’ is to use google hangouts to host virtual office hours. While I would never recommend making yourself available at all times to your students, you can establish set office hours or appointment times for them to engage in virtual discussions about their grades, a project they are working on, or extra help on an assignment. As google hangouts will allow you to access google drive you can use it as a medium to effectively discuss school work.


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